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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks, Mar 19, 2014

The Blues head up the highway to square off against their long-time rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Games against the Blues and Blackhawks have grown increasingly tighter and more competitive over the past few seasons. The Blues have won all three meetings so far this year, two in shootouts, and the first by just a goal. Whenever the Blackhawks think they have the Blues behind the 8-ball, St. Louis comes back. There's not a lot of quit in the Blues when it comes to playing Chicago.

There still is, unfortunately, a bit of the problem of not playing a full 60. The Blues don't take nearly as many shifts off against Chicago, but taking just one against this team is a mistake - the Hawks will make you pay. Play smart, and the Blues clinch a playoff spot tonight. Sloppy hockey gets you another chance at clinching later.

This is your game day thread. Comment like you'd like to see the Blues 10 points ahead of the Blackhawks by the end of the night.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.