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GifCap: Blues Fall to Hawks in 4-0 Blowout

The Blues Lost, Hawks won. I am gifing this recap. I require effort to analyze uninspired play.

This is not how you play hockey Brenden.
This is not how you play hockey Brenden.

I seriously hate Chicago's hockey team. They won, the Blues played like a foul fragranced excrement that had recently been sprayed by a pack of skunks. The blue and yellow failed to find their "groove" and net a goal. The Hawks on the hand were able to get four past Ryan Miller forcing Hitch to replace Miller with Brian Elliot. Brenden Morrow would put a 3 week absence status on Patrick Kane. All and all the game sucked if you were rooting for the team from St. Louis. Whatever, See you in the playoffs Chicago.

12 Visual Representations of the Blues/Hawks Game on March 19, 2014

12. The St. Louis Blues B team played this evening with most players sleeping through the game.

11. Effort was not present in the vocabulary of the men dressed in blue and yellow.

10. Blues Nation was slightly confused after the first FuckHawks goal.

09. After the first period Blues fans were still pretty confident.

08. Everyone slowly started to remember that Vladimir Tarasenko wasn't there to tell Miller "I've got this."

07. Blues Nation Was slightly confused after the second Fuckhawks goal.

06. The second goal happened and the fandom started to lose hope.

05. Period #2 ended and Blues fans still had a bit of hope... obligatory 2 goal deficit story lines were discussed.

04. The third period commenced and the Blues still didn't show up.

03. The Blackhawks' 3rd Goal.

02. When I started writing this recap after the fourth Shitcago Goal.

01. Blues still are up in the series 3 to 1... Bring on the April 9th game. Fuck Chicago.