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Game Time Giveaway: Win A "Busch Country - Miller Time" T-Shirt From RivalryWear

On the heels of a very successful run with their T.J. Sochi shirt, RivalryWear and Game Time would like to offer you a chance to win their latest creation.

It's an exciting time for the Blues, regardless of if you were wanting the deal that brought Ryan Miller to St. Louis or not - it's a pretty big sign that they're in it to win it. You should be excited too.

Sure, be excited about the Ryan Miller Era (as long or as short as Army wills it to be), but also be excited for the chance to win free stuff.

The terms of the contest are the same - every day, RivalryWear will give away one t-shirt for folks who follow both @RivalryWear and @StLouisGameTime on Twitter, and who tweet at @RivarlyWear that Game Time sent them. Don't forget to also like both RivalryWear and St. Louis Game Time on Facebook.

What's this shirt look like, you might ask? Here you go:


If you'd like to flat out purchase one, head on over to RivalryWear's website and put in an order. The more people order, the lower the price gets, so like the T.J. Sochi shirt this one can reach $14.