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Thursday Links - Division-Leading Deuce Crown

Admittedly, I'd be a shit-ton more pissed about last night's results if the Blues didn't lead the division by about two and a half games. So let's click on things.

An iron man streak means there's going to be years and years of Bouwmeester Face.
An iron man streak means there's going to be years and years of Bouwmeester Face.

Well that wasn't fun. Fuck Chicago, though.


  • The Blues lost 4-0 to the Blackhawks in a game that was bad enough for Ash to give a full GIF recap and for me to compare a troll to a Red Wings fan in the comments. [SLGT]
  • Looks like Vladimir Tarasenko had a good view of the game. [SLGT]
  • The loss means that the Blackhawks now own the Conference III Title Belt . . . [III Communication]
  • . . . while the Blues now own the Conference III Crown of Shit, which the Blackhawks had a record run of holding, ironically enough. [III Communication]
  • 2013 Blues draft pick Zach Pochiro, the kid born in St. Louis, signed an ELC with the club yesterday, as widely expected. [SLGT]
  • There's a new "Miller Time" t-shirt courtesy of the mad genius of twoeightnine (a Sabres fan, as fate would have it). Snag one and save some coin by entering a promo code. [SLGT]
  • Oh, and Episode 35 of Beyond Checkerdome went up yesterday. It was a pretty full day, and I had a couple beers. And don't forget to answer our question of the week! [SLGT]


  • Four games last night. You know one of them. [ 03/19/14]
  • Nine games tonight. One marquee matchup out west (Ducks at Sharks), but keep an eye on that Stars at Flyers game, which could be interesting. [ 03/20/14]
  • Paul Ranger left the Maple Leafs-Lightning(s) game in a stretcher after getting boarded by Alex Killorn last night. Didn't look pretty. [Puck Daddy]
  • Are Blues season ticket holders getting the right bang for their buck compared to other teams? The answer could surprise you as a Silver Seven reader delved into the subject. (S/T to DanGNR) [Silver Seven]
  • In his weekly Power Rankings, Ryan Lambert takes on the Rangers and Martin St. Louis, team owners, "underrated players", spending habits, expansion, the Bruins and dumbass homophobes . . . or, basically, he takes on all comers. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Ducks have had a rough go of it lately and now they'll be missing Cam Fowler for 3-5 weeks with an MCL sprain, which really won't help things for them. [Ducks]
  • Infrared hockey pictures are fucking cool, man. [Puck Daddy]
  • Great news out of Saskatchewan . . . Tim Bozon, the son of former Blues forward Phillipe Bozon, is out of his doctor-induced coma and is out of intensive care. [Global News]
  • Apparently Lindsay Lohan had written out a list of guys she fucked at some point, and apparently one of them was former Wild(s), Rangers and Ducks forward Aaron Voros . . . which probably shocks the hell out of everyone, perhaps even . . . Aaron Voros. [Puck Daddy]
  • The KHL officially announced its' plans to take in teams from Sochi, Tolyatti and one of the best club teams in Europe, Jokerit from Finland. This wasn't a well-kept secret. [R-Sport]
  • Somehow, a fan made it onto the ice at the Air Canada Centre yesterday. Don't ask me how. [Puck Daddy]
  • A teenager was hit by a puck at a Belfast Giants game and required stitches about five and a half years ago. Now, she's suing. Yep . . . NOW she's suing. [Belfast Telegraph]


  • This man is a fucking miracle worker. Shit like this just doesn't happen on the final puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune every night. [Deadspin]
  • Sometimes, there's a good reason for a woman to torch someone's car. Her boyfriend cheated on her. Her mother just died. The motherfucker rear-ended her sweet Camaro. This one . . . well, no, I'm gonna say this is fucking stupid. [Y! Odd News]


Only one today, but Goddamnit is it great . . . the Sharks signed a kid with a heart condition to a one-day contract and gave him basically the best day of his life Tuesday. You're gonna cry, I almost guarantee it. (S/T to @ChrisAhner):

That . . . is . . . SO awesome.

Well, that'll do it for me this week. J-Mill has your weekend. Now you be nice to him, you filthy animals: