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Blues At Penguins Morning Open Thread: Let's Try This Again

After a disappointing showing in Philadelphia, the Blues are going to give another go at winning in Pennsylvania.

The Blues have a reset button, right? Yes? If they do, then this afternoon'd be a good place to press it. They slog through a 4-0 shutout at the hands of the Blackhawks on Wednesday and then play a much better possession game on Saturday and the outcome's only one goal better.

Shit: it happens.

It seems to be happening a little bit at the wrong time. Sure the Blues are making the playoffs, but they seem to be having some issues with fellow playoff-makers. The Penguins would fall into that category, but they haven't been very Penguin like recently. They beat the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday afternoon 4-3 in overtime, but the rest of March hasn't been so kind. They beat the Caps in a home and home, then the Flyers returned the favor. They took care of the Stars, but had to fight off the Red Wings only to lose in the last second of overtime. The Pens' losses have come against playoff teams. People have been whispering about the problems that they've been having.

Blah blah blah. They're the Penguins. These are the Blues. They have their issues, but they're two of the best teams in the game. Today should be a hell of a match.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for your game preview from CCR and your gameday thread, which hopefully will be a happier one than yesterday. While you're waiting (which won't be long, since this game starts at noon, too) head over to Pensburgh for their take on today's throwdown.