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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Pittsburgh Penguins, Mar 23, 2014: The March of the Penguins?

The Blues are wrapping up their two day stay in Pennsylvania. Will this afternoon's game in the Steel City be kinder to them than the game yesterday in the City of Brotherly Love?

Pittsburgh does a lot of things well. They put french fries on lot of things. They don't comprehend the idea of a "small" anything. They serve shots three fingers high (according to a friend). They also do hockey well.

We all know that Sidney Crosby will probably win the Hart this year, that Evgeny Malkin is one of the top five forwards in the world, that Brooks Orpik can't blink. We also know that the Blues would like to clinch that playoff spot at some point.

This is your gameday thread. Comment like you'd like to see the Blues score more than two goals.

Let's do this. Let's go Blues.