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Friday Links: ...If They Should Bar Wars...

The Links will be with you...always.

"Lean back...lean back...lean back...lean back..."
"Lean back...lean back...lean back...lean back..."
Dilip Vishwanat

I've been to 7 games this year. In those 7 games, T.J. Oshie has collected 8 goals and 1 daughter. If someone wants to buy me season tickets for next year, he'll probably win the Hart Trophy.


  • The Blues dominated Minnesota 5-1 on Star Wars Night. Your Game Time recap came from CrossCheckRaise, who suggests: "I didn't think Blues fans and nerds would have that much crossover, but there you go." Meanwhile, here I am doing your links while listening to a podcast that breaks down and discusses the Star Wars movies literally one minute at a time. Still, great recap Tim! [SLGT]
  • For the Wild and crazy perspective, here's our Minnesotan friends. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • rminton618 picked a great time to spotlight Yoshi didn't he? [SLGT]
  • Hitch really likes the Derek Roy - Steve Ott - Brenden Morrow line, and so far I don't blame him. This link also talk about how Carlo Colaiacovo & Kevin Shattenkirk were paired with each other last night. Hitchcock changes up the lines quite a bit, but this year it seems he hasn't changed up the blueline pairs nearly as often. [STLToday]
  • Hitchcock: "We're not going to run and hide from being a good team." He forgot to finish that sentence: " we did in Chicago last week." [Fox Sports Midwest]
  • This piece is about a year old, but it was tweeted by Mirtle yesterday and still applies: the Blues are fantastic at running Hitchcock's super aggressive forecheck. It's a great, in depth tactical analysis of what makes the Blues such a suffocating team to play against. If you click only one link today, make it this one! [NHL Whiteboard]


  • Ten games last night, & there were some pretty nice matchups - see how much the playoff picture shook up, especially out East! [ 3/27]
  • 6 games on tonight's schedule, including the Leafs' desperately needing points against the Flyers and a potential first round preview with the Pens in #Lumbus. All that, and the Chamber's Pot! [ 3/28]
  • The Blues still lead the President's Trophy race by a point up on Boston. In the West, we're 4 points ahead of San Jose in addition to having 2 games in hand - we'd have to Blues it up pretty bad to not hold on to the top seed in the West. [ Standings]
  • In the biggest game last night, the Bruins hosted the Blackhawks for the first time since :17 seconds, winning 3-0. Get a load of that maroon Corey Crawford on the third goal! [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Bobby Ryan will be out for the rest of the year. That should give him plenty of time to work on his spelling. [Silver Seven]
  • Remember Sean Avery? Well he was chosen to be on this season's Dancing with the Stars...only to be sent home after two weeks. His old nemesis Martin Brodeur called it "embarrassing," which caused Avery to hit back right where it hurts...You know I have to say, I miss Sean Avery. He makes shit fun. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Soon-to-be-Brookly-but-techincally-still New York Islanders might be up for sale. Someone super rich should buy them, break the deal with Brooklyn and move them to Kansas City and Conference III, change the Sabres to the Metropolitan Division, then add expansion teams in Seattle & Quebec City. Then everything would be perfect forever. The end. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • You ever see a ref make a call and wonder "What, is that guy drunk?" Well, if it was this guy, then yes. Yes he is. [The Hockey News]


  • After the better part of a decade waiting, Ballpark Village had it's grand opening celebrations last night. But quite a lot has been made over the "dress code" many of the venues will be enforcing, which bans (among other things) ballcaps, tank tops, sleeveless shirts for men, and athletic shorts. Which, as anyone who's spent even five minutes in St. Louis in the summer would know, might as well say "black tie only." It's especially eyebrow raising once you get a look at what some of the waitresses are being made to wear. Ain't hypocrisy fun? [Riverfront Times]
  • The world of Harry Potter is full of good, clean, family-friendly fun...until you stop & thing about what a bunch of hormone-fueled teenagers in a co-ed boarding school out in the middle of nowhere would really be doing in the freaking shrieking shack. Here are only 13 examples of seemingly innocent things at Hogwarts that would really be used exclusively for fucking. [College Humor]


Star Wars Night, you say? There are oh, so many different ways I could go with that...but only one of those ways also includes Bill fucking Murray.

This scene basically encapsulates every argument in the entire history of Twitter. Also, I saw Muppet's Most Wanted this week, & it's fantastic.

I'd love to get some things to link for you guys - so feel free to help me out!

Don't fuck up your Friday - it's the only one you get all week.