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GameThread for Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues, Mar 29, 2014

Two more points are at stake for the Blues - every one counts for playoff seeding. Will the fans get another inspired performance tonight from the top line?

Dilip Vishwanat

Good news and bad news for the Blues' President's Trophy hopes. The good news is that the Avalanche beat the Sharks 3-2, which helps the Blues out both a little bit in that department and a lot in the topping the West department. Unfortunately the Capitals turned in an absolutely craptastic performance against the Bruins, who won yet again and regained the lead for now.

Basically, the Blues probably should like very much to win tonight. Bad thing is, so do the Stars.

What a quandary.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you want to see a SteenTrick to go along with the BackesTrick and OshTrick we've had so far this season.

Let's get two points. Let's Go Blues.