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Saturday Links: Earthquakes, Espionage, & Optimism

Dallas comes to town suddenly hot, The Dominator gets an overdue honor, jersey fouls, a Science Saturday history lesson, Hildy gets some teaching advice, & great musical decisions.

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JAX: How dare you! Ethel Rosenberg was a patsy!
JAX: How dare you! Ethel Rosenberg was a patsy!
Dilip Vishwanat

Lots of great links today - so click early & click often!


  • Ryan Miller & the Blues defense are finally starting to get their communication down. So watch out, people. [STLToday]
  • Bernie Miklasz is optimistic about the offense..."until [he has] a reason not to be." [STLToday]
  • Lyle Richardson of The Hockey News has a collection of rumors, including the thought that, should we not lock up Miller, he could be heading to Anaheim. [The Hockey News]
  • How goes everything in the realm of Conference III? Spoiler Alert: the Blues had a mostly good week (chronicled by DonutKing), which means other teams had a mostly less good week. [III Communication]


  • So remember how the Dallas Stars had kind of hit a rough patch? Yeah, that might not be the case any more. They beat up on the Predators last night 7-3. And no, neither Jamie Benn nor Tyler Seguin scored any of those goals. If they do get hot and nab that 2nd wild card, they could be a tricky first round match-up. [Defending Big D]
  • Normally I'd use this space for a beat writer's column, but this is much more important: after the Rich Peverley incident, the folks over at DBD are raising funds to donate automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, to Dallas-Fort Worth area "places that serve young people." They've already gotten help from The Cannon, Stanley Cup of Chowder, On the Forecheck, and Arctic Ice Hockey, among others. To find out more information or to donate yourself (which I highly recommend), click here. [Defending Big D]


  • There were games last night. How did they end? Why, that information's only a click away! [ 3/28]
  • Eleven games today, including a pretty fun-looking Sharks-Avalanche matinee. And tonight, outside of our game, there are a couple games with huge wild card implications in Red Wings-Maple Leafs & Wild-Coyotes. [ 3/29]
  • The standings are pretty much the same today as yesterday. The biggest difference is that the Blackhawks lost, bring the Blues magic number to clinch Conference III down to 6. [ Standings]
  • That Chicago loss came to the Senators in Ottawa, 5-3. It was Craig Anderson's first game back after nearly 3 weeks. [Silver Seven]
  • What's that? Andrew Shaw did something fucking dirty & might get disciplined? You don't say... [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Jersey Fouls!!! Including some really stupid Blues fans - unless those belong to anyone here, in which case, this is your chance to defend them. [Puck Daddy]
  • With all due respect to Patrick Roy, Ken Dryden other all-time great netminders, Dominik Hasek is the greatest goalie who every lived (and IMHO, it's really not even close). Now that he's finally retired, the Buffalo Sabres will retire his number 39 next season. [Sabres]
  • Here's a great infographic to illustrate just how dominant The Dominator really was. For example, no goalie in the entire decade of the 90s (the bulk of the Dead Puck Era) had a save% season better than Hasek's fifth best season. [Sporting News]
  • If the season ended right now, the only Canadian team to make the playoffs would be the Habs, while the only other one that even has a shot (Toronto) just lost their seventh straight game. Why has this season been so shitty in the Great White North? After Sochi, I obviously have no sympathy, but Down Goes Brown tries to find out what exactly went so wrong. [Grantland]


  • As many of you know, our Fearless Leader Hildymac is a high school teacher, so based on this link I humbly offer the following advice: next time your students get disruptive or bitchy or whatever else teenagers in Atlanta do, take a page out of this Belgian math teacher's book - threaten to spoil Game of Thrones for them. It might qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, but I know I'd shut the fuck up in a heartbeat! [Telegraph]
  • Tony Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates has chosen his walk-up music for the coming baseball season: the Oscar-winning "Let It Go." Wouldn't be my first choice for a Disney-themed walk-up song, but I still love it. But the real question? Why, that's the poll below! []
  • Ashley, aka, HonorablyCorruptRosie, just finished a move out to LA, and wouldn't you know it: her first night in LA-LA Land and she's already dealt with her first earthquake! A 5.1, for the record. Don't worry too much, though. Those things are like thunderstorms out there. [LA Times]
  • This week's Science Saturday is more history-based & science-related, but still more than worth a mention. On this date in 1951, Julius Rosenberg and his wife, Ethel, were convicted of espionage for passing along nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, helping the USSR develop successful atomic weapons significantly faster than previously possible, leading to the USA-USSR nuclear arms race and the Red Scare. They would be executed via the electric chair in June of 1953, although still to this day there are questions over just how guilty Ethel actually was. [Cold War Museum]


As was often the case, we are not worthy of The Dominator.

Today is also the 224th birthday of John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States. In honor of a man you probably know absolutely nothing else about, here are some interesting facts about him and the other 43 American leaders.

It's not like I really need you to send me links, but if you did, I probably wouldn't say no. So why not give it a try? You might like it...

It's gameday, bitches. So strap in, Rock the Scott, buy your copy of the St. Louis Game Time Paper (& tip your vendor, you cheap fuck), and check back here for previews & other news!