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GameThread for Tampa Bay Lightning at St. Louis Blues, Mar 4, 2014

Let's dodge some Fat Tuesday drunkards and get down to the Scottrade Center to welcome Ryan Miller and Steve Ott.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Woooooo, Mardi Gras! Or something. I don't know - I'm not Catholic nor do I live in a fun French-heritage filled city, so all I get is a shitty king cake from the grocery store. All YOU guys get is Ryan Miller (and Steve Ott) stopping pucks shot by a tiny little hockey player who apparently is still angry at his general manager.

You wouldn't like Marty when he's angry.

Will this be the last time Blues fans see St. Louis in St. Louis wearing a Lightning jersey? Who knows. Who cares? This game's about a lot more than that - it's about the start of yet another goaltending era in St. Louis, one that fans are actually hopeful for.

So this is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you think this goaltending tandem will be different from every one before it dating back to Plante/Hall. Comment like you want some beads.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.