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Beyond Checkerdome: New Faces, Playoff Races

Episode 33 is ready to buy, sell, and trade !!

"I wish I knew how to quit you."
"I wish I knew how to quit you."
Jen Fuller

Good Afternoon, everyone, and welcome to Trade Deadline Day 2014!!

As the last trades trickle into the League's Central Registry, we've got a fresh episode ready to go for you. We hope you enjoyed the mini bonus episode with Joe Yerdon. He was originally supposed to be with us for our normal recording, but duty called him away to the Buffalo press conference. This was recorded before we knew for sure whether he'd be able to get back to us or not. So, pardon any redundancies. We review the first two games post-Olympic-break, and then spend a lot of time on the Ryan Miller / Steve Ott trade. There are a few rants, and we try to sell ourselves on Ott. We're still working on that, in fact. Also, we talk about the week and season ahead.

Have a listen, eh?

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Download link HERE

As always, we appreciate you continued support. This is going to be an interesting rest of the season. Like we say during the show "Strap in, and make sure you've got your cup". It's going to be a wild ride. Along the way, please send us your thoughts, feedback, and cocktail recipes. Hit us up on twitter @ByndCheckerdome or drop us a line at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com.

Thanks for listening!


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