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NHL Trade Deadline: Are The Blues Done With The Deals?

The NHL Trade Deadline is today - keep your eyes on Game Time for the latest in St. Louis Blues deals.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues are probably done. Seriously. Today will be prospect/minor league trade day for them, because getting an actual top center/forward is expensive as hell and general manager Doug Armstrong isn't spending that much in assets on a rental.

/reverse psychology

Do I want Armstrong to ditch important assets for a guy who will be here for two months? No. Would I also like to go deeper than the second round of the playoffs? Yes, please. Don't let the Blues' output for the last couple of games fool you - their offense is trending downwards as the season continues, and their inability to play 60 minutes a game is maddening.

Get used to it.

/more reverse psychology

Keep your eye on Game Time for anything Blues related that might pop up on the ol' TSN TradeCentre.Heck, if it's a slow day, check back to see any big stuff going down league-wide, especially deals that could impact the Blues in the Central Division.

Happy Hockey Christmas, everyone!