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NHL trade deadline report: Marian Gaborik Traded To Los Angeles Kings

The first trade of the day is one that could have direct ramifications for the St. Louis Blues. According to Michael Russo of the Minnesota Tribune, Marian Gaborik will be leaving the Columbus Blue Jackets for sunny California. He's headed to the Los Angeles Kings.

Gaborik has had injury problems this season, dressing for only 22 games this season. He has six goals and eight assists for the Jackets - he's been a basic non-entity. Still, he's someone that when healthy is extremely dangerous. The Blues already have enough problems playing Los Angeles (and every other team from California) as it is; meeting up with the Kings at some point in the playoffs just got that more problematic. Let's hope one of their Pacific Division rivals takes care of them in the first or second round. Proper prevention and all that.

However, if Gaborik continues being a streaky "enigmatic European," he won't make a difference. Let's hope he keeps on with that trajectory.

The Blue Jackets get Matt Frattin, a 2014 second round pick and a conditional third round pick.