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NHL Trade Deadline: Could Paul Stastny Be A Good Fit For The Blues?

The Colorado Avalanche center could be on the trade block.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm unsure as to why the Colorado Avalanche, who currently are sitting in third place in the Central Division, would want to trade one of their best centers, but here you go:

Is Stastny not signing a contract that sure? I would think that the Avalanche would take their chances and hold contract talks until July 1, but apparently they are of the mindset that getting assets back is better than risking Stastny walking for nothing.

Stastny, son of Peter Stastny, is a St. Louis product. The Blues have had Yan Stastny on the team - though mostly he just played with the Peoria Rivermen. Why not have the better Stastny too? So far this season, Paul Stastny has 20 goals and 27 assists. He's a center. He's very good.

What would the Blues need to get them over the hump and give their offense a bit of a boost? How about an actual center. This is what their lines look like right now:





Surely the Blues could find some place to put Stastny?

The major issue with the deal is salary. Right now, Stastny is on his last year of a five-year deal paying him $6,600,000 a year. If the Blues want to re-sign Ryan Miller, they need to pray that the salary cap goes up extensively for Stastny, because no way would Doug Armstrong expect a player like that to be just a rental.

Also, Colorado would probably require some very good prospects heading back. Does Armstrong want to risk this, as well?

Stastny would make the team better, no doubt. But it'd take a miracle for him to wind up in the Note.