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Thursday Links - Gotta Meet Your Deadlines

Blues at Perds. Prospect news. Beyond Checkerdome. Schedule. Who's hot/not. Trade deadline. Pull through, Tim Bozon. Pot in the wheel well. Gambling suspicions. And 14 minutes of pissed off goalies, with one glaring omission. It's game day!

Turns out Martin St. Louis' last game as a Bolt was in . . . St. Louis. Go Goddamn figure.
Turns out Martin St. Louis' last game as a Bolt was in . . . St. Louis. Go Goddamn figure.
Dilip Vishwanat

Expecting Doug Armstrong to do more? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I like this team. Something tells me many of you do too.


  • The Blues play in Nashville tonight. Vladimir Sobotka is skating and close to returning. Brian Elliott has not been forgotten. The top line kicks ass. And no major moves at the deadline past the one made Friday. All covered by Lou. [In The Slot / Lou Korac]
  • The ECHL awards a "Plus Player of the Month" award to the guy who has the best +/- in the league that month. This month, Blues prospect Yannick Veilleux shared the award with two other guys (including a non-Blues-roster teammate at Kalamazoo). Good on ya, lad! Brian has the skinny. [SLGT]
  • Beyond Checkerdome Episode 33 went up yesterday, where we had absolutely nothing to talk about. Well, except for a couple games and some trade thing that happened. Oh, and beer. Always beer. [SLGT]
  • Remember that Jaroslav Halak dudeguy? The one we traded to the Sabres for some American guy? Well, the Sabres traded HIM to Washington. In return, Michal Neuvirth, Rostislav Klesla and a 2015 3rd rounder go from the Capitals to Buffalo. [Die By The Blade]
  • Some quick-hitters from CanesAndBluesFan on the deadline deals. [SLGT]
  • Some quick analysis of the remaining Blues schedule. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • And a look at who's hot/not for the Blues heading into the game in Nashville. [SLGT FanPosts]


  • For all things Predators, visit Chris Hansen the fine folks at On The Forecheck! [On the Forecheck]
  • This is the first time EVER the Blues will face the Perds with NO David Legwand on the roster. He was traded to the Red Wings yesterday for a couple warm bodies and a pick, or basically, more than what the Habs gave up for Thomas Vanek (more on that later). [On the Forecheck]
  • Also Perds-centric (though really not, if they let smegheads like ME write over there) is III Communication, run by Predators fan J.R. Lind, who will likely have the Tale of the Tape for tonight's title match later. [III Communication]


  • Scores. There were four of them last night. [ 03/05/14]
  • Schedule. Ten games tonight. I bet you're highly interested in the one down in Tennessee. [ 03/06/14]
  • Before we talk trades . . . Steven Stamkos was cleared to play in tonight's game for the Lightning(s). [Puck Daddy]
  • Of course, he'll do it without his old pal Martin St. Louis, who was traded to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan and some extras in what was probably Deadline Day's biggest deal. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Here's the full list of deals made yesterday as well as since AT LEAST October 21st. [TSN]
  • A highlight of the trade deadline as it pertains to Blues players of the longer distant past . . . old friend Lee Stempniak (Penguins) and long-time prospect Reto Berra (Avalanche(s)) both found their way out of Calgary. Boy, the Flames sure didn't do a lot. [CBC]
  • And the biggest surprise . . . as aforementioned, Thomas Vanek was dealt to the Canadiens WITH a conditional pick for a prospect and a conditional pick. I'd like to know what kind of pictures Garth Snow has of Islanders owner Charles Wang, but I do not want to see these pictures. [Long Island Newsday]
  • Obscene Alex wrote a special edition on the trade deadline, and it's . . . of course . . . [redacted] as always. [III Communication]
  • Some scary news out of the W . . . Habs prospect Tim Bozon, the son of former Blues forward (and French hockey legend) Philippe Bozon, has meningitis and is in "critical condition". This is awful. Pull through, buddy. (S/T to CrossCheckRaise) [Y! / Buzzing The Net]
  • And more concepts from Ryan Lambert in this week's Puck Daddy Power Rankings. [Puck Daddy]


  • "Duuuuuuude, great job of stashin' the stash in the wheel well, bro. Pass the Cheetos." [Y! / Reuters]
  • Former Penn State quarterback Mike McQueary, the whistleblower in the case that brought down Jerry Sandusky and company, also apparently had a MASSIVELY horrendous gambling habit when he was at the school. It makes this otherwise-meaningless touchdown pass thrown BY McQueary against Rutgers a bit more suspicious, when you consider the line was Penn State +20 and the otherwise-meaningless score expanded the Nittany Lions' lead from 18 to 25, in garbage time. [Deadspin]


The guy that posts this video of "14 Minutes of Pissed Off Goalies" bills it as "the internet's most extensive collection of goalies getting angry with referees, opponents and especially themselves . . . ". Watch, and find out why I call HARDCORE bullshit on that:

Yep. No Joseph/Cheveldae. For shame, sir. FOR FUCKING SHAME.

I'm out. J-Mill is in. Be kind and spare a link for him:

And stop back in later for news, insights and analysis of tonight's Conference III Title Belt match in Nashville.