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Bovada Odds Pick Blues As The Stanley Cup Favorite

Uhoh. Now even the betting businesses are putting the smart money on the Blues. Anyone else getting nervous?

Dilip Vishwanat

Call me a pessimist, call me a nervous nelly, call me whatever you want to, but the rash of news outlets and video games and everywhere else picking the Blues to win the Stanley Cup makes me paranoid.

For some reason, this makes me more so, especially this late in the season. is picking the Blues to win the whole damn thing, with 5/1 odds in their favor. If you're a non-paranoid Blues fan, place your bets. If you're like the rest of the fanbase, well, place your bets but don't get worked up.

Here're the current odds:

St. Louis Blues                          6/1                           5/1

Chicago Blackhawks                 11/2                          13/2

Pittsburgh Penguins                  6/1                           13/2

Anaheim Ducks                         7/1                           15/2

Boston Bruins                         9/1                           15/2

San Jose Sharks                       10/1                           10/1

Los Angeles Kings                    16/1                          12/1

Colorado Avalanche                  20/1                           20/1

New York Rangers                     25/1                          20/1

Montreal Canadiens                   33/1                          25/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                 28/1                          25/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                 20/1                          28/1

Minnesota Wild                         40/1                          33/1

Philadelphia Flyers                    25/1                          33/1

Detroit Red Wings                     33/1                          40/1

Washington Capitals                  40/1                           40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets             40/1                          50/1

Dallas Stars                          75/1                          50/1

Vancouver Canucks                   28/1                          50/1

New Jersey Devils                     50/1                          66/1

Ottawa Senators                       50/1                          66/1

Phoenix Coyotes                       66/1                           66/1

Winnipeg Jets                           200/1                         66/1

Carolina Hurricanes                    50/1                          100/1

Florida Panthers                       300/1                         Off the Board

Nashville Predators                   200/1                         Off the Board

New York Islanders                    200/1                         Off the Board

The Blues are also favored to win the Central Division (1/2 odds) and the Western Conference (3/1 odds).

Sorry, Preds fans. Maybe next year.