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Subscription Offer For Game Time - The Paper Version

Are you a hardcore fan of the St. Louis Blues? Then the Game Time paper is made for you.

Dilip Vishwanat

You know this website started as a paper first, right? You're one of the cool kids. You know that we publish a 24-page paper for every St. Louis Blues home game. You know we sell it outside the arena garage, on 14th street closer to the Peabody Opera House and on the northeast corner of 14th and Clark outside the City Hall parking lot. But did you know that you can subscribe to the paper? And did you know if you subscribe today, we'll include the playoffs for free?

Every home game a small group of fans with opinions and access to an office copier come together to produce the Game Time paper. It's full of stats, jokes, opinions, games, trivia and all sorts of other stuff. We're die hard fans. It's for die hard fans.

By subscribing via email, you get a PDF version of the paper several hours before the game. Tuesday's issue was emailed out before 7 a.m. Plus if you subscribe today, we'll include all playoff issues for free. The more home playoff games the Blues play, the better value for you.

If you haven't tried the Game Time paper send me an email at gtbradlee at gmail dot com and I'll send you Tuesday's issue on the house. Also email me for details on how to subscribe.

Thanks for reading and supporting GT. Hopefully we'll have lots of Blues games left to write about.