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Mystery! Backes, Oshie, and Pietrangelo's Olympic Bags Go Missing

Athletes have problems with shipping companies just like you and I do.

UPDATE: Never mind, FedEx found their bags.

The NHL players had a lot of gear coming back from the Olympics. Memorabilia, medals, equipment, clothes, puppies... they brought a lot back with them. They also shipped a lot back due to size constraints on the NHL charters.

You would think that they'd escape the hazard of flying that is lost luggage, but apparently even shipping your stuff back isn't safe.

The Blues had 21 bags shipped back for their players. Eighteen returned. David Backes, T.J. Oshie, and Alex Pietrangelo's bags have gone missing.

The Blues've filed a report with FedEx, but have asked folks to get the word out there just in case someone knows something about the situation. Backes' bag was stuffed with autographed memorabilia that he was planning on auctioning off this month, probably for Athletes for Animals.

Do your part. Save some strays. Help our guys out. If you happen to know anything, let Dan O'Neill at the Blues know via e-mail at.DO'



Last seen: Sochi, partying with other bags at Team Canada's gold medal celebration. May have been disoriented from too much Moulson; possibly boarded a flight back to Slovenia on accident.