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Blues At Avalanche Morning Open Thread: Miller Looks For Win Number Four

The Blues have been on quite a tear since trading for Ryan Miller and Steve Ott. Regardless of if this winning streak has to do with their newest members or not, the Blues've been playing pretty good hockey recently. So have the Avalanche.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Colorado Avalanche are one of the Western Conference's best teams this year, hanging with the Blues and the Blackhawks in the Central Division's top three.

The Blues have managed to make the Avalanche look like the cellar-dwellers that they were in the two games they've seen each other in this year. Game one was back on November 14th, which the Blues won 7-3 and prompted coach Patrick Roy to switch his goaltender not once, but twice. The next matchup on November 27th in Colorado wasn't much better for the Avalanche, who lost 4-1.

The Blues may be slowing down offensively a bit (two of the last three games notwithstanding), but playing the Avs seems to wake them up.

Ryan Miller has won all three of his games so far this season with the Blues. This could very well be number four. It could also be number four for the Blues - the number in a row that the Blues will win over the Avalanche with a victory tonight. The Avalanche have always traditionally been a difficult opponent. Tonight won't be any different.

Sixteen wins. That's the number that the Blues have against Central Division opponents - just one overtime loss to the Winnipeg Jets blots their perfect record. It would be nice to continue racking those wins up this afternoon.

It's an early game this afternoon, with a 2:00 puck drop. Check back in a bit for your CCR preview, your GDT, and a RBR recap. If you're super impatient, head to Mile High Hockey and say hello to Cheryl and the rest of our friends over there.