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Broadcast Info For Tonight's Blues Game

Something or another is being broadcast on FSMW tonight, so for those of you outside the St. Louis area but still in the Blues' broadcast area, things'll be different.

From the Blues' site:

The Blues game at Colorado on Saturday, March 8, will air on FOX Sports Midwest on cable in St. Louis, and on an alternate channel on AT&T U-verse (691 and 1691), DirecTV (689) and Dish (443 or 412-31).

On cable TV outside St. Louis the game will air on FOX Sports Midwest Plus, a channel used by FOX Sports Midwest to simultaneously show multiple events on two channels.

Saturday’s game will not be available on cable in Iowa and Indiana.

Sorry, folks to the northwest and east.

Double check the full listings at the Blues' site; hopefully everyone will be able to get a chance to watch tonight's game.