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GameThread for Philadelphia Flyers at St. Louis Blues, Apr 1, 2014

The Blues need to regain control of their extended homestand and take some responsibility for their own future in the standings.

Drew Hallowell

Elderly drivers of St. Louis, get off of the roads. Ray Emery's in town tonight, and he's starting in net. Don't get in your way; he may try to run you off the highway and kill you. He's great at getting up in defenseless old folks' faces, cutting in front of them, and plunking himself right in their way.

Hold on, he might be on to something.

Emery's 8-10-1, and his stats (2.96 GAA, .901 SV%) aren't what he had while he was in Chicago. Could he be what the Blues need to wake up that scoring against teams who do not stink? Here's hoping.

This is your game day thread. Comment like you're complaining about Brenden Morrow being on the second line with Vladimir Sobotka.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.