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Recap: Ryan Miller is God in 1-0 Shoot Out Win

Ryan Miller, the god of the St. Louis Blues' net, showed us his god-like skills in tonight's EPIC 1-0 Shoot Out Win. There were glove saves, There were pad saves, and there were spectacular saves.

We bow to the oh holy goalie!
We bow to the oh holy goalie!

Tonight was a pretty spectacular performance of the St. Louis Blues rendition of The Ryan Miller Show featuring the Philadelphia Flyers. The classic tale that set so many hearts ablaze in Buffalo was beautifully captured and retold in the modern NHL by the Blues. Tears were seen throughout as the audience watched as effortless save after effortless save were made by Mr. Miller as he renvisioned his breakout role that lead him to stardom.

The First Period

The First Period followed the classic underdog like storyline as the cast surrounding Miller fumbled their way onto the stage mirroring the original rendition of the show effortlessly. The Blues from St. Louis and the Flyers traded puck possession in the offensive zone frequently throughout the first period. The back and forth style of play became a trait of the game from both teams. The first period was not a good one for those on the Blues team without the last name of Miller. The team looked out of sync, unfocused and asleep. Miller kept them in the game after struggling for the last 4 games to do so. The period would end with the Blues killing off a Barret Jackman delay of game penalty at 14:43 and no points on the board for either club.

Millsy For the Win

(S/T to @MyRegularFace for the Gifs)

The Second Period

The Ryan Miller Show continued on its course in the second period. Miller continued to stand on his head, even helping his team by playing the puck at the blue line as he was headed off for the extra man on a delayed penalty. Seriously guys, this Miller person is pretty awesome when he is in his groove - just DAAYYYMMMM. The Blues unfortunately continued to play out of sync in the early part of the Second. At 1:28 the Blues and Flyers would go on the 4 on 4 after Andrew MacDonald and Alexander Steen would trade minor penalties. Neither team would be able to get things started and put a puck in the net. At 5:24 MacDonald would be in trouble again with a trip on Brenden Morrow. The power play chance for the Blues would go unconverted on the score sheet. The two teams would continue to rely on their goal tenders as the period progressed and ended without a tally for the second time in the game.

Millsy with the Pass

(S/T to @MyRegularFace for the Gifs)

The Third Period/OT/Shootout

The final 20 minutes of the game would be littered by blown calls, sloppy bouncy passing, and more pretty pretty Miller things. Sean Couturier would hook Patrik Berglund at 1:58 and the Blues would again fail to convert the Power Play. The teams would continue their epic on ice battle of pong as the final minutes ticked away. At 15:03 things got stressful as Vladimir Sobotka would be accused of high sticking Couturier. The penalty kill would blow by as the Flyers would be clumsy on the puck and fail to get anything past the Ryan Miller beacon of hope. The Blues would end up with a power play chance in the last two minutes of the period. At 18:36 Claude Giroux would high stick T.J. Oshie. The Power play would AGAIN go unconverted and would force Overtime. Miller would again be everywhere on the defense. He would make save after save to keep the under performance offense in the hunt. The Game would come down to the decision of a shoot out. Oshie would obviously score and Miller would continue to stand on his head. Steener would lose the puck in his attempt and Miller would make the save to keep the lead. Kevin Shattenkirk would get the game winner for the Blues! Bring out the Zamboni!

Full Shootout Video