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Thursday Links: T-minus Three...

Links in the morning, links in the evening, links at suppertime...when links are up on Game Time, you can click links at any time!

This picture is older now than when it was taken, but then again, so are the rest of us.
This picture is older now than when it was taken, but then again, so are the rest of us.
Hannah Foslien

Not going to lie, I almost forgot I told DK I'd cover today until the last minute. So Let's get you going as quick as possible, eh?


  • The Blues recent slide has Fearless Leader Hildymac wondering if there is an inherent issue on the team. [SLGT]
  • The new edition of Beyond Checkerdome echos the official slogan of St. Louis Game Time in all of its forms: Sleep When You're Dead. [SLGT]
  • No David Backes tonight, but the Blues are confident they can right the ship. Which is good to hear, because the list of people who agree with that sentiment is getting shorter every day. [STLToday]


  • They're a division rival, you people know the drill by now - check out: [Hockey Wilderness]


  • A bunch of shit happened last night, and now the Red Wings & Blue Jackets are going to the playoffs. Also, the Ducks clinched the Pacific & the Stars lost. [ 4/9]
  • Some more shit is happening tonight. You're going to want to cheer for the Canucks later tonight, since they're hosting the Avalanche. [ 4/10]
  • Standings you say? Well standings you shall see! [ Standings]
  • Say, you know who probably has some good reading for you? That Puck Daddy fellow - he's mighty fine, I tells ya. Why not read yourself some hockey pucking, why donchya? [Puck Daddy]
  • Could the Maple Leafs be bringing in Brendan Shanahan to run things in Toronto? If so, I hope he explains every roster/front office decision in a 5 minute video avaiable online! Stick tap to CCR [The Leafs]


  • Don't be a shitty tipper - avoid that awkward "how much should I tip?/should I even tip at all?" moment of doubt with this exhaustive guide, collected through thousands of interviews. And no matter how bad the service is, if they don't physically assault you or spit in your food in front of you, NEVER don't tip a waiter/waitress. Not listed in this guide: St. Louis Game Time vendors - tip them too. [Wait But Why]
  • FXX (a newish cable channel designed as a second FX) recently dropped $750 million for the exclusive rights to be the first cable channel to syndicate the entire series of The Simpsons. To kick-off their historic coup, they'll be running a marathon - that will last twelve days straight. [Vulture]


Ken Hitchcock has thrown just about every head coach-ism out there to explain the Blues funk short of the old "They're just not having fun out there." Could that actually be the problem?, no it's not. But in any case, you should learn some fun facts about fun.

It's almost playoff time, so you guys better start playing like a team - by which I mean you should send me more links &/or videos. Be Adam Oates to my Brett Hull - just don't be Adam Oates to my Jaroslav Halak .

Let's suck less go Blues!