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Blues At Wild Morning Open Thread: Crunch Time

The Blues have three games to get their act together and reclaim the West's top spot. Will they do it?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota's a playoff team now. It's official. Maybe they'll officially coast tonight. Maybe they'll make it easy for the Blues to regain their confidence. Maybe they'll let them get two points.

Probably not.

No Backes, Chicago's four points behind the Blues, and Colorado's two. Anaheim leapfrogged them last night for tops in the West. Get your shit together guys, or else you're going to back right into the playoffs and wind up with Chicago or Colorado in the first round. I don't know about the Blues, but I'd rather have one of those two teams knock the other out instead of having to do it ourselves.

This is your morning open thread. Start drinking early, and check back for a CCR preview, your GDT, and hopefully a winning recap. While you're waiting, head to Hockey Wilderness and see how happy they are with seventh place.