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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild, Apr 10, 2014

We all know what's at stake as the season winds down. Hopefully the Blues do too.

Hannah Foslien

"I understand that is what’s going on outside, which is fine," Alexander Steen said. "We can’t do anything about that. But that’s not what it’s like in here. We’re trying to get ourselves ready for the playoffs.

"If we are concerned the sky is falling, then the sky is falling. But it’s not, not in here."

"It’s just a funk," Morrow said. "The work is there. The execution hasn’t been great. It’s been pretty sloppy hockey. But I know this team cares and they compete. It’s probably just a matter of working too hard, trying to do two jobs instead of one. We just have to start from scratch to get out of it."

"We’ve got too much character in this room," said Ott, who came with Ryan Miller in the March 1 trade with Buffalo. "And when you have that, you’re playing for each other and that’s the most powerful way to do it."

All of these quotes from the Blues, from a piece by Dan O'Neill, don't exude balls to the wall confidence, but they do have a zen-like quality, no?

Perhaps all of us should just light some incense and meditate before hand - we just need to have the beer ready for post game.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you're not nervous.