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Blues At Stars Morning Open Thread: Day Late, Dollar Short

The Blues' chances for slump bustin' are dwindling down as the injuries are piling up.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies on the lateness of today's morning thread. I'm sick - what's the Blues' excuse?

After making a non-NHL goaltender look like the second coming of Jaques Plante last night, the Blues will probably face a real-life NHL goalie tonight, playing for a team who could clinch their first playoff spot in years. Let's just put it this way - if the Blues have any plans to win a game before the end of the season, tonight's going to be a tough night to do it.

This is your morning open thread. No Oshie, probably no Backes, no more first in the Central. Check back later on for a preview, your GDT, and a recap, but until then, head by Defending Big D to see how excited they are about playoffs. Compare and contrast, if you will.