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Steve Ott or a Penalty Kill?

Is nothing better than Steve Ott?

Steve Ott has been brutal since coming over to the Blues. No goals, 3 assists. Minus 12 in 21 games. It occurred to me that the Blues' Penalty Kill might be better than having Ott on the ice at 5v5. Lets look at the numbers:

The Penalty Kill has given up 41 goals and scored 6 in 478:37. That's a net -35. The penalty kill drops a goal further behind for every 820.5 seconds played. Conversely, that's -4.4 goals per 60 minutes.

Ott has been on the ice at 5v5 for 254:30. With him on the ice the Blues have scored 4 goals and given up 16. Ott drops the Blues a goal further behind for every 1272.5 seconds played. -2.8 goals per 60 minutes.

So Ott at 5v5 is not worse than the Penalty Kill. However, Ott is not better than the PK, either. 254:30 of PK time would result in a net of -18.6. The 95% Confidence Interval is -10.1 to - 27.1. Ott's -12 is within randomness of -18.6.