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Saturday Links: Thank a Sharks Fan Day

A click a day keeps the injury bug away...which means some of you haven't been clicking your prescribed links every day...

At least ONE of my favorite teams who wear blue are getting their shit done down the stretch...COYB!
At least ONE of my favorite teams who wear blue are getting their shit done down the stretch...COYB!
Alex Livesey

I feel like my role in the links in this point in time should be to either a) calm you guys down and put things into perspective, or b) just allow you guys to vent and bitch. Seeing as I can't find many reasons to do option a, please bitch away below.

But first - click your links!


  • ...*sigh*... [SLGT]
  • Remember how ridiculously happy we all were when the Blues clinched a spot in the 2009 playoffs, our first in five years? That's how Stars fans feel right now. [Defending Big D]
  • You guys kept complaining about hating our second and third lines? Well be careful what you wish for: with Patrik Berglund going down last night, the Blues will likely go into Sunday's regular season finale against Fuck Detroit without 7 of the top 12 forwards (but let's be real: 7 of the top 9) in a game where we need points to have a chance to lock down the Central division. Sooo...enjoy the fact that there aren't any Blues games today! [SLGT]
  • If you have any friends who are Sharks fans, be sure to thank them today. San Jose knocked off the Avalanche last night to keep the Blues hopes of a division title alive. The won 5-1 thanks to a Martin Havlat hat trick. [Fear the Fin]
  • There is some legitimately good news to link: Mr. and Future Mrs. T.J. Oshie were finally able to take young Lyla Grace home from the hospital yesterday. [KSDK]


  • Believe it or not, the Blues collapse has not caused a black hole which sucks every other team in the NHL with them into the singularity...there were other games last night, too! [ 4/11]
  • Nine games today, with your 2:00 NBC game being Flyers-Penguins, because they play each other every other day (and might meet in the first round again, too, because of course). No rooting interests for the Blues seeding today since we now cannot finish ahead of both the Ducks & Avs (they play each other tomorrow). On the bright side, that eliminates the possibility of the Blues facing the Stars in the first round, if you were worried about that. [ 4/12]
  • The standings on the penultimate day of the regular season. Also of note: the Bruins can clinch the President's Trophy with a win over Buffalo this afternoon. [ Standings]
  • The important thing you want to know - if you don't already - Mike Rupp has been suspended for 4 games. [NHL Department of Player Safety]
  • For weeks, months even, we've been saying that the Avalanche are due for a regression, that their success simply could not be sustained. And now, mere days before the postseason, what has changed? Absolutely nothing, according to Ryan Lambert and common sense. [Puck Daddy]
  • In what might be his final start as a New Jersey Devil (and hopefully as an NHL goalie period), Martin Brodeur backstopped the Devils to their 13th shootout loss of the year, against the Islanders. [In Lou We Trust]
  • ...but then again, maybe it wasn't his last start as a Devil... [Fire & Ice]
  • Speaking of endings & retirements & whatnots, Ryan Smyth announced that he'll hang up his skates for good at the end of this weekend. The Edmonton fans at C'n'B fondly remember Captain Canada (for like the third time - still a good piece, though). [Copper'n'Blue]
  • In NCAA hockey, Johnny Gaudreau of Boston College won the Hobey Baker award yesterday as the top player in the country... [SBNation College Hockey]
  • ...then almost immediately signed with the Flames. He'll likely make his NHL debut tomorrow night. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Meanwhile, traditional powerhouse Minnesota (complete with native St. Louisan Sam Warning) will take on the underdog Union College in the national championship game tonight on ESPN at 7:30 central. [SBNation College Hockey]


  • A Spanish painting recently popped up online of a woman who looks strikingly familiar, but you can't quite place it...until you realize it's exactly what George Michael Bluth & Maeby Fünke's (from Arrested Development) child would look like. I'm sure it was a fun, sexy time for them. [Uproxx]
  • There's only one slice of pizza left, and both you and your buddy want it. What do you do? Obviously: you call "dibs," and it's yours. People have lived by that rule (or something similar to it) for millions of years...but did you know that some species of bats do the same thing? Holy Zoology, Batman - it's the return of Science Saturday! [mental_floss]
  • There are a lot of robberies and other crimes in Rio de Janeiro. So to investigate it, a Brazilian reporter interviewed a woman on the street. The only problem: said woman was robbed in the middle of the interview. [STLToday]


Remember how the shows you watched when you were little sometimes introduced you to adults to tell you about fun jobs you could grow up to do? Those were all fucking bullshit - but what if they had been more forthright with us? Hmmmmm....

While I was putting these together, I was watching the YouTube stream of OutKast's set at Coachella, so you lucky SOBs get a little taste of this:

Tomorrow is a very special edition of The Links: a special Fuck Detroit Blowout Sale! EVERY BLUES FORWARD'S HEALTH ITEM MUST GO!!! Help celebrate by sending me the Fuck-Detroit-est links and/or videos you can find! Cheveldae getting his ass handed to him? A parody cover of a Motown song? Maybe even a run down GM plant? You find it, send it my way!