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Sunday Links: You Can Never Fan Ta Detroit Too Many Times

Fan Ta Detroit! Fan Ta Detroit! Fan Ta Detroit! (Oh, and win the division.)

Dilip Vishwanat

Good morning, and a very merry Fuck Detroit (1) to you and yours.

A month ago, this game looked like it would be meaningless to the Blues, but could give us a chance to finally put an end to Fuck Detroit's (2) 22-year playoff streak ourselves. Today's reality: Fuck Detroit's (3) seed is locked in, while the Blues need to get more points out of this game than the Avalanche take from the Ducks later tonight.

Also, some extending not-shitty play would be nice. Plus no more injuries.

  • The Note could be without as many as 7 of their top 9 forwards this morning at 11:30 central on NBC actual against Fuck Detroit (4), with no guarentee on which ones will back in time for the first round. But does that change a damn thing? Not according to Hitchcock. [STLToday]
  • KNOW YOUR ENEMY - THE FUCK DETROIT (5) RED WINGS: Fuck Detroit (6) GM Ken Holland recently was a guest of Marek & Wyshynski, where he dropped a seemingly ridiculous quote concerning the front office's use of advanced metrics, saying "The analytics we use are gut analytics." [Winging It In Motown]
  • And assuming we don't drop both points to Fuck Detroit (7) this afternoon (by no means impossible, I know), you'll want to keep a mighty close eye on tonight's Ducks-Avs game to decide Conference III. [Anaheim Calling] [Mile High Hockey]
  • Yesterday saw pretty much every seeding question answered, with the Bruins clinching the President's Trophy by beating the Sabres, the Ducks nailing down top spot in the West with a shootout win over the Kings, and just for fun, the Predators scored five third period goals on the Blackhawks to win 7-5. [ 4/12]
  • The only things that need settled on the last day of the NHL regular season is the Blues/Avs ranking and who will get home ice in the Canadiens-Lightning series. 10 games in all today. [ 4/13]
  • With those question marks in mind, here are how the first round match-ups look like as they stand right now. [Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket]
  • On the penultimate day of the season, Ducks forward Nick Bonino may have locked up the Goal of the Year award, with this ri-DONK-ulous no-look backhander from his knees. Check this shit out! [SBNation NHL]
  • Union College pulled off the upset of the University of Minnesota in last night's Frozen Four championship game 7-4. [SBN College Hockey]
  • This Bruins fan won a drawing to win the jersey off of Jordan Caron's back. She did not want the jersey off of Jordan Caron's back. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tampa's Ryan Malone was arrested for a DUI & possession of cocaine. Which is funny, because I thought that was pretty much everyone in Tampa. [Tampa Bay Times]


TerrapinKen got into the Fuck Detroit (8) merriment, by sending in this oldie-but-a-classic rant from a sane Canadian double fisting a cigarette & a joint. We can all learn a thing or two from this man.

Four straight days doing links? Goddamn, how does Tyler do this shit every week? Speaking of which, tomorrow is Monday, which means that Donut King should be back for you guys. Help a brotha out with some links!

It's not just Fuck Detroit (9) Day, it's also Sunday - check back throughout the day for Prospect Sunday updates.

***Also, be mindful of the playoffs and how you think they'll turn may find it in your best interests in the next couple of days...stay tuned...***

Oh, and Fuck Detroit. (10)