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Monday Links - Can't Get Much Worse

The Blues are horseshit right now and pretty much everyone has counted them out, including about 99.999% of Blues fans. And for good reason. Perhaps they have the Blackhawks right where they want them. But I could be crazy. Links!

Leave. Get out. Don't want to see you ever again. Go Bruins.
Leave. Get out. Don't want to see you ever again. Go Bruins.
Kirk Irwin

Mostly Blues links today, because you need to know more about how much the Blues have sucked lately, right?

Good to see a few folks at the game yesterday. Even if my old "good luck charm" days are over.

  • Blues lost 3-0. The Red Wings iced the Grand Rapids Griffins while the Blues iced the Chicago Wolves. The Griffins won, though both teams looked like ass. Hildy gives a postmortem on the Blues season. [SLGT]
  • Thanks to that loss, the Blues get the Blackhawks in the first round instead of, say, the Wild(s). Here's what the schedule will look like. And the teams get an extra day off because of Miley Cyrus, so while you may hate her Goddamn guts or think she's a spoiled brat or whatever . . . you thank her, Goddamnit. [SLGT]
  • Here's the complete TV schedule for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yes, Virginia, there still is a Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Blues in it. [Puck Daddy]
  • Prospect Sunday takes on a bit more meaning when some of these guys are up with the big club . . . Brian looks at the week that was in Chicago and Kalamazoo, plus tells us what's on the horizon, who's trending up and what's shaking in "The '14 File". [SLGT; SLGT; SLGT; SLGT]
  • A Benediction to the Hockey Gods from reader "hotchunkysalsa" from a few days ago. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • Meanwhile, reader "lsteele1717" has a bus for everyone to hop aboard. (With all due respect . . . FUCK YOUR PANIC BUS.) [SLGT FanShots]
  • Speaking of the Panic Bus . . . doesn't look like Greg Wyshynski is fully aboard it, but he's not a Blues fan, now is he? THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS IN BLUES TOWN, WYSH. YA GOTTA PANIC, BUD! [Puck Daddy]
  • Flames forward Paul Byron hit Canucks forward Daniel Sedin from behind last night. Surely to get a StephaneBan for that. Sedin was stretchered off. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Martin Brodeur backstopped the Devils to a 3-2 home victory over the Bruins. Might've been a touch emotional for Marty, as who knows if he'll be back in a Devils (or ANY) uniform next season. [Fire N Ice]
  • Not spoiling Game of Thrones for you. Hell, I haven't even seen it yet.
  • And a couple videos . . .

First, a reaction to the last couple weeks for the Blues:


And . . . here's Teemu Selanne and Jean-Sebastien Giguere sharing a bit of a moment following what's likely to be the two's final regular season game ever:

If your eyes are dry, you're doing it wrong.

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