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St. Louis Blues Shooting Summary for 2013-14

A final version of the heat map rink showing where shots are taken, goals scored, and shooting percentage from location.

Claus Andersen

Goal scoring is the hot topic for the St. Louis Blues right now. More specifically, it has been the lack of goal scoring that is the concern of Blues fans. I put together the NHL play-by-play data and isolated just the shots and goals. I converted the x-y coordinates so that they would populate just one side of the rink. Some of the outliers might be shots taken on empty nets at the end of a game.

The marks are sized according to the number of shots taken from that specific location. The coloring of the marks is the shooting percentage from that specific location. The "hotter" the mark looks, the higher the shooting percentage. You will see there are a few areas where the Blues have been able to score 100% of their shots taken from that specific location. And of course, the closer you get to the net the "hotter" the marks.

You can use your mouse to draw a box around an area of the rink to view the shooting percentage for the Blues when they shoot from that area of the rink. That will also filter the player chart below so you can view which player has shot the most, scored the most, or has the best shooting percentage from that area.

If you want to focus on a specific player, you can click on that player's name in the chart at the bottom and view just their shots on the rink. You can also filter by situation and by distance. Distance is measured from the center of the goal line.

Have fun!