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Beyond Checkerdome: Welcome Back, Tyler

Episode 39 is up and would like to order another round ...

"Hold Me Closer, Tiny Schwartzer"
"Hold Me Closer, Tiny Schwartzer"
Jonathan Daniel

Sometimes you have to step back and realize what a wonderful time of year that it is. That horrendous end-of-season run is over, the playoffs are just around the corner (TONIGHT !!!), and the reason that I've had this circled on my calender for months: Finally ... the Donut King .... has come BACK ... to St Louis!!!!!

For the very first time since we've started this little dog and pony show, we were able to record one of these live, face to face. We had a little difficulty at first (pardon the 4-minute stretch of bad audio), but we were finally able to down some suds together and talk a little puck.

In this episode, we talk about the last few Blues games of the regular season, the Shanny hire in Toronto, the coaching changes present and future in the league, where the Blues' downturn has come from (kinda), the Oshie hit/Rupp suspension, and the plethora of Blues injuries. Also playoff odds, how we feel about the upcoming postseason, and Tim's adventures on Twitter. All this, and a few other things as well!

Give Us A Listen, eh?

For the Download link, go HERE

We appreciate the continued support throughout this season. Thank you very much, first and foremost. Also, Big BIG (huMONgous Big) assist to the Flying Saucer in downtown St Louis for letting us record at their fine establishment. Anytime you're downtown, pay them a visit!

As always, we dig your feedback. Drop us a tweet @ByndCheckerdome or email at BeyondCheckerdome AT G Mail DOT com. Let us know what's happening in your part of the world, what you liked, or what you think about the show.

The Playoffs are Here. Get Loud, Get Rowdy. #Rock The Scott. #BecauseItsTheCup


Tim / CrossCheckRaise

Tyler / DonutKing

PS- for the youngsters, here's the Tina reference.