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Blues vs. Blackhawks Game One GameDay Thread

The postseason is finally upon us - will the Blues use home ice to their full advantage?


SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

Tonight, it begins. Round one, versus the Blues' most disliked, most hated rival. Chicago fans will tell you that this is a classic little brother/big brother relationship.

Just remember that the last time these two teams met in the playoffs, little brother kicked big brother's ass*.

Still, the past is the past. This is now, and the Blues have a chance to knock off the reigning Cup champions. With their best players back (sans T.J. Oshie and Patrik Berglund, who should return soon), this won't be a cakewalk. The Blues need to rebound, and who better to rebound against than the Blackhawks?

This is your gameday thread. Comment like you hate Chicago.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.

*Please to ignore the other series.