#RoyWatch Revisited

For those of you who didn't know, those who forgot, or, hell... for everyone, here's a link to the original #RoyWatch Fanpost.

The idea was to create a charity drive based on a prediction by Grant Sales that Roy would get 36 total points this regular season. Some of us chose to donate to one or both of a couple charities based on how many points he got. I, for example, pledged to donate $1 to the You Can Play Project for every point he got over 36.

Well, Roy managed 37 points. The fuck if I'm going to give just one lousy dollar to the You Can Play Project. That's pitiful. So, I've decided to amend my pledge to $1 for every point he got this season, regardless of the 36 point basis, and therefore donate $37 to the You Can Play Project.

One idea in that original Fanpost was to find a way to collect all the donations and submit them as lump sums to each charity. Unfortunately, after an email exchange with drfrankentweed, I've learned that would likely cost money. Of course, that would infringe on the spirit of the charity pledges. So, it's going to have to be an 'on your honor' system. If you pledged, please submit your funds directly to either You Can Play Project or St. Louis Blues 14 Fund, as you originally stated.

For anyone that decided to pledge for each point over 36, I would encourage you to join me in increasing your donations. For anyone that didn't pledge to begin with, I would encourage you to join us now.

Also, hildymac, drfrankentweed mentioned that perhaps you might be willing to post this to twitter and thereby also make this an SLGT front page item. If you would be so kind...

Please make sure that any content you post is appropriate to Game Time, which means that it pertains to hockey, the Blues, and frosty adult beverages.

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