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Blues vs. Blackhawks Game Two Morning Open Thread: No Rest

The Blues' impressive win on Thursday night might have both teams worn out for Saturday afternoon.

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Dilip Vishwanat

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

Has everyone recovered from Thursday night yet?

No, I'm not asking the Blues, I'm asking you guys. Two overtimes and 26 seconds, edge of your seat, heart-attack city. People talk about the Cardiac Cards, but I think that the Bypass Blues might have them beat. That was a banging, crashing, physical, draining game. Jay Bouwmeester's face is probably sore. Vladimir Tarasenko's hand has to be killing him. Joel Quenneville's bits need a frozen bag of peas.

It took a lot out of all of us, and it was just the first game.

When you have two teams who dislike each other as much as these two do, and who are as good as these two teams, you should expect a good series. If it continues this way the entire time, this'll be a series for the ages.

Coach Q's had some time to do some heavy thinking, so expect more line-matchup chess this afternoon between two old pros.

This is your Game Two morning open thread. Discuss coping techniques, cancel your dinner plans in case of overtime, and make sure you find a comfortable spot on your couch. Check back in a little bit for a Lighting the Lamp, your game preview, and a GDT that hopefully will be filled with puppies. To see how Hawks fans are taking being down one-zip, head to Second City Hockey and see how they're holding up.