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David Backes Leveled by Brent Seabrook

The third period was not the best period of the game for the Blues. Two deflections wound up in the back of the net, Bryan Bickell knee'd Vladimir Sobotka, the power play wasn't clicking, and then this happened:


Backes was extremely slow to get up, and when he did he had no clue where he was - he tried to go after Seabrook in the ensuing scrum, but it was broken up and a very wobbly Backes was led back to the locker room to get medical attention.

There was no penalty on the play, but Seabrook was ejected from the game. He's never been suspended before, but at least a few games would not be uncalled for here. If the Department of Player Safety really cares about player safety, they need to get Seabrook out of there for the rest of the series, because the Blues are unhappy.