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Tuesday Open Bar - Meh.

I traveled last night, so I missed the game. And I work tomorrow. So you get a whole bag of Ain't Give No Fuck for today's links. Oh, and a video perfect for you Stargate wonks.

Jonathan Daniel

I spent most of yesterday traveling to, visiting and traveling from Yellowstone National Park. Guess I won THAT contest.

Anyway. From the looks and sounds of things, the Blues played a great game against the Blackhawks and basically lost because the other goaltender was just a bit better. Had the Blues shit the bed completely, I'd be a fuck-ton more worried.

Also of note . . . I told my fiancee that if the Blues killed off both penalties that led to the 5-on-3 sequence from the late 2nd/early 3rd that they'd win the game. Alright, so I was wrong. Whatever.

So anyway. Here's a few nuggets for you to munch on:

  • Before the game, "BabyGotBackes" warned that the Blues are far from wrapping up this series. Well, obviously. But he has more. [SLGT FanPosts]
  • The Blackhawks got a bit of a seeing-eye goal early, and it held up. They added an empty-netter, and now we're assured of a Game 5 in St. Louis. Ashley, AKA "NotFakeThreeWeekOldPotatoSaladJonathanToews", has your recap. [SLGT]
  • Hopefully, the only people intent on buying this shirt are those who wish to light it on fucking fire. For anyone that buys it for other purposes . . . I look forward to our meeting in Hell. Later. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Penguins rallied to beat the Blue Jackets, the Wild(s) out-Corsi'd and out-Fenwick'd the shit out of the Avalanche(s) (AGAIN) but it didn't pay off until after regulation, the Stars out-quacked the Ducks, and now all of these series' are interesting. [ 04/21/14]
  • The Lightning(s) try to stave off elimination against the Canadiens, the Bruins try to take back home ice against the Red Wings, the Rangers look to rebound against the Flyers and the Kings look for their balls against the Sharks . . . all tonight. [ 04/22/14]
  • According to Ryan Lambert, the Bruins are a bunch of hypocrites. Or, if you're on Twitter, "Hippo Crates". Or Hippocrates. Or . . . I dunno, this version of "What We Learned" is a stretch, because seriously when the fuck was this magical time that NHL players DID legitimately have respect for each other, anyway? [Puck Daddy]
  • Your video . . . the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 showed many different angles the series could have taken as a movie. For example . . . what about SG-1 as a teen movie? (S/T to Kate, who is definitely a bigger Stargate fan than I am, and probably would give YOU a run for your money too):

Yep, like, totally.

Links? Videos? Send 'em on down:

And yes, you'll get a full links post Wednesday, I promise.