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Is David Backes Returning In The Next Few Games?

A couple of quotes from Ken Hitchcock make it easy to jump to that conclusion.

Dilip Vishwanat

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

I expected David Backes to be out for, at the very least, the rest of this round. Brent Seabrook cold cocked him good, and seeing someone woozy on their feet like that is not the best indicator of a brain-trauma free evening.

In the post-game media scrum after the game, Ken Hitchcock had some interesting things to say. Namely this, from Chicago Tribune reporter Chris Kuc:

Now obviously, that sentence is missing the word "if." But usually people leave the "if" off when there's not much "if" to be found. Hitch said that last night. Today he told the reporters:

That, in Hitchcock speak could mean one of two things: "no, we're not getting him back" or "yes, we're getting him back but if you think I'm telling reporters from Chicago that, you're nuts."

Before everyone gets all excited, hold up. First off, would the Blues be getting Backes at 100%? There's a difference between being slow because you're playing on a bum foot and being slow because you came back from concussion too quickly. Missing less than a week after that hit makes me nervous. I'm not a doctor, obviously, but it's concerning to see someone get plowed like he did and then have the coach be coy regarding if he's coming back or not. I would hope that it's a no, just for the sake of Backes' brain.

It's obvious that the Blues are playing well enough to win this series. Maybe with Backes in last night, they win the game. Who knows? But I don't want to risk his health just so they can come back to St. Louis with a 3-1 series lead. I think they can get one of those on their own.

If Backes is back tomorrow or Friday, I hope to God that his head has been wrapped in bubble wrap, or he's wearing one of the Andy McDonald style Dark Helmet helmets.