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Blues Vs. Blackhawks Game Four Morning Open Thread: Try Again

The Blues weren't able to go up 3-0 on their rivals from the north, but a split would give St. Louis a chance to close out at home.

Jonathan Daniel

Monday night was not a bad game. Granted, in terms of games won or lost, a 2-0 loss with an ENG is just the same as a 7-0 blowout, but the Blues had a lot to build on. The Blackhawks looked sloppy many times, their power play has been atrocious, and it looks like they do miss Brent Seabrook on defense. The fact that the Hawks won in their own building Monday is not a shock. The fact that they did it and looked wobbly and unsure while it was going on? That was surprising.

Obviously that last statement does not apply to Corey Crawford, who had a masterful performance in net that was helped by the Blues' inability to hit an open goal.

So, what do the Blues need to do tonight? Hopefully they had "that practice" and the power play winds up converting. If the Hawks are going to be sloppy and allow the Blues to go on the PP as much as they have this season, then the Blues need to do something with it.

Just a tiny bit more pressure, and if the Hawks' have an off night, the Blues are back in St. Louis with a three games to one lead and a chance to end the series. Let's give those fans at Scottrade something to look forward to.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for some Road Music with CCR, your GDT, and possibly some other goodies, like Backes updates if Hitch says anything - which means check on GT about five minutes before puck drop.

If you're wondering how the other half lives, head over to Second City Hockey. It's fun to have a series between two fan bases who don't know if they should be confident or not.