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Blues Vs. Blackhawks Game Four: Kind Of A Big Deal

Tonight the Blues will determine if they're coming back to St. Louis with a commanding 3-1 lead, or if they're returning with a 2-2 tie and a momentum shift to Chicago.

Jonathan Daniel

Regardless of what happens tonight, Blues fans can take comfort in knowing that this has been an incredibly close and entertaining series.

Just kidding. If something happens tonight not to fans' liking, you will see a fanbase go into panic mode, and why not? Look at last season. Look at every season before that! Look at -

Calm down, folks. This is a much different team that last season's. It has a bit more offensive push, it has more smarts, and it has more experience. It also has a goalie who, when he settles down, can turn himself into a brick wall. If they play a carbon copy of Wednesday night's game, but hit the open net this time, then they come home with a chance to close out the Blackhawks.

Don't change the gameplan that much guys. Just win a few more faceoffs, do better on the power play, and no dumb penalties, and you're golden.

No Brenden Morrow tonight - his foot is acting up again. David Backes? I'm sure we'll know when the team comes on the ice.

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Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.