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Blues vs. Blackhawks Game Five Morning Open Thread: Reckoning Day

The Blues have let a two game lead slip away from them for the second year in a row. Will tonight's game break the deja vu?

Jonathan Daniel

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

It's ok if you're worried. It's ok if you're confident that the Blues are going to win tonight on home ice. No one knows what the hell is going to happen in this series, and no one on the ice knows what's going to happen from second to second.

The leads have changed in a few ticks of the clock, all four games (if you don't count the empty netter from Monday) have been decided by one goal. Both teams have looked like total shit and excellent in the same game. Neither team's power play has been able to take advantage of gifts given.

No one knows who is going to get through this series battered, bruised, and with their playoff hopes alive.

The most we can do tonight is keep our fingers crossed that the team can get a lead and maintain it. What's the old saying? "Don't get worried until the home team loses?" The home team hasn't lost yet. The Blues have a good chance at keeping that trend going tonight.

This is your morning open thread. Discuss your later libation plans here, and while you're waiting for a Lighting the Lamp, a game preview, and your GDT, why not go over to Second City Hockey and see how they're holding up. I think they're just as nervous as we are.

Check back a little later on to hear from our Fearless Leader Brad Lee - I hear he's selling something or another tonight. You might want to check it out.