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Want A Copy Of Tonight's Game Time Paper?

Now you don't have to be at the game or subscribe to the full season to get a copy of our fan-run paper.

Now that you know all about our fan-run paper, a tradition that's been going on outside every Blues home game since January 1995 (the first issue of the late Game Night Revue was the first night the building was open), hopefully you want to read it.

And for the first time in our history, tonight you can buy the paper and read it during the game no matter where you are even if you don't come down to the game. Tonight we start single copy sales online. For just $3 via a secure Paypal link, you can download a PDF of tonight's game by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

In the past we've had subscriptions for the full year, but never had a way to sell a single issue for a single night. That's all changed.

So what will you get in your Game Time tonight?

- Cover story breaking down the developments from Wednesday's game and what the lineup changes might mean for tonight's contest.

- Updates on all the Blues prospects still playing in the postseason in the AHL, ECHL, major juniors and the USHL.

- Stats and stats including the breakdown of how officials have called penalties for and against the Blues since 2006.

- A word find and trivia by Childhood Trauma.

- Words of caution from Donut King.

- And some humor. Like the Top 11 Signs You're Drunk At A Hockey Game ("The cops pick you up for shoplifting in the team store. You have a goalie stick shoved in your pants" is just one shining example.

We're a fan-run publication. We're just like you but we have an industrial copier in our basement. We're hardcore fans just like you. And the paper was fucking made for you.

Thanks for reading. And Let's Go Blues.