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Blues vs. Blackhawks Game Six Morning Open Thread: Que Sera, Sera

The Blues and Blackhawks are squaring off today for what could be history repeating itself, or the Blues finally becoming masters of their own fate.

This photograph represents this series perfectly.
This photograph represents this series perfectly.
Jonathan Daniel
SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

The Blues've forced a game seven when they've been down 3-2 nine times in franchise history. They've won that game seven three times. It is fully possible that they win this game today.  Afternoon NBC broadcast be damned, the Blues can win this.

So can the Blackhawks.

And that's been why this series has been so amazing to people outside of both fanbases, and that's why Blues and Blackhawks fans alike have been balls of anxiety. Every single game has been winnable by either team. Both teams have looked awful and excellent in the same game. Both teams have gotten the lucky break that won the game for them.

In every game this series, the win has hinged on one play.

It's absurd. It's frustrating. It's Blues hockey. It's what they do best.

If the Blues go down today, it'll be frustrating - there was a chance for them to've swept the Hawks. They could've - should've - won game four. But the Blackhawks could've just as easily done the same to the Blues. This series could be 3-2 Blues easily. It is, without a doubt, literally the closest series I've watched - and it's been close because both teams are skilled, and neither team is playing up to their full potential.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later for a game preview from CCR, and your early gameday thread. Don't forget, there's Prospect Sunday goodies coming from Brian as well! If you can stomach it, head to Second City Hockey. They're good people despite their unfortunate choice of team.