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Recap: Blues Lose Series 4-2, game 5-1

This game was brutal. The St. Louis Blues would implode against the defending Stanley Cup Champions to lose the game 5-1. Heres the Final STLGT Recap for the 2013-2014 season.

Visual Representation of the Blues/Hawks round one series.
Visual Representation of the Blues/Hawks round one series.
Jonathan Daniel

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

Rd 1: Game VI Recap

The St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks took the ice this afternoon for Game 6 of the series. St. Louis was down 3-2 and the "repeating history" narrative was everywhere on NBC. The game by game comparison was flashed on the screen before the game even began, it was shown again during the second intermission. Well I am "happy" to report that this years game 6 was very different than last years game 6. Instead of losing 2-1 on a bad last minute second period goal, the Blues got trounced. The Blackhawks took it to the Blues, making them pay for 5 power play chances without a conversion. It was a horrible game to be a Blues fan, but lets face it we knew after the loss on home ice that there was no coming back from the hole the team put themselves in.

The first period Chicago would get the ball rolling at 4:12. Bryan Bickell tipped the puck past Miller and the Blackhawks went up just like that. 1-0 Hawks. After being yelled at during a TV timeout the Blues seemed to pick up the pace a hair. Their puck possession was not great by any means but they seemed to put pressure on the Hawks. At 16:28 T.J. Oshie scored to even up the game 1-1. He would be as confused and as unhappy as blues fans were after the goal. Not realizing it went in the net.

The second period was a stronger period for the Blues. The blue and yellow held the Blackhawks to just 2 shots all period. Unfortunately the Blues could not gain any momentum from their power play as they went 0 for 2 in the period as well as negating a double minor chance to take the league. The Sloppy power play was yet again the down fall for the struggling Blues.

The third period was bad. The Hawks scored 4 unanswered goals throughout the course of the final 20 minutes of the Blues season. Jonathan Toews scored 44 seconds into the period. Goals from Patrick Sharp (@ 2:01), Andrew Shaw (@ 7:30), and Duncan Keith (@ 17:05) rounded out the scoring for the third period. After the third goal many blues fans stopped watching. The team seemed to deflate in on themselves and give up. Nothing was done to change the bad play and it resulted in 2 more unanswered goals going into the back of the net.

Fuck This Shit

The loss was a total implosion. The defense was just as horrible as the offense. Ryan Miller did not make the saves Blues fans wanted him to make. He did not lose the series for the Blues. They all lost the series. Was it last year repeating itself? No, it was worse than last year. Yes the comparisons and creepy aspects are still there but it wasn't the same. It was gut wrenching. Last year was acceptable in my book. This year was not, this was an implosion of epic proportions.

The Blues will recover. What it will take I don't know, for now mourn the 2013-2014 St. Louis Blues. Its been fun ladies and gents! See you next season. Oh and to all the troll Blackhawks fans that will tweet at me or in the comments all I have to say is:

Go fuck yourselves