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GameThread for Buffalo Sabres at St. Louis Blues, Apr 3, 2014

Which young goalie will the Sabres be trotting out for a tryout tonight?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So, no great "Ryan Miller Reunion" tonight for the goalie and his old team, eh? Way to be a buzzkill, Coach.

Seriously, though, there are bigger things on the line. A win tonight makes this the winningest Blues team in franchise history. It's amazing when you think about it - the 1999-2000 team had Chris Pronger, Al MacInnis, Pavol Demitra, Kelly Chase, Geoff Courtnall, and Jamal Mayers on it. It was stacked.

Except for goal, of course, but that's neither here nor there.

The Blues are stacked everywhere, including in goal; it would just be nice if a few of those layers'd get going. Buffalo seem like a good chance to practice those shots.

This is you GameDay Thread. Comment like you mean it.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.