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Recap: 11 Reactions and Observations from the 4-0 Loss

The Blues were shut out by the Colorado Avalanche. It was crappy. We need scoring.

11. The Start of the game was like:


The Blues/Aves game was touted to be a great Matchup and fun for Blues Fans as the Blues were 3-0 in the regular season Series.

10. The First period Started and the Blues came out strong for the first ten minutes.

Let's Rock This Bitch

Things went downhill from there. With a multitude of dumb penalties. But the Blues ended the period 0-0 with hope.

09. The Second period started and the Aves scored 1:14 into the period.

What is Wrong?

08. The Avs proceeded to take over the game. Scoring again at 6:20.

Disapointed Chef Ramsey

07. The Avs were then awarded a goal in the most ridiculous way possible. What the Fuck

The goal was initially waved off by the official on the ice due to a kicking motion. The on ice decision was overturned by Toronto by the longest video review session ever. The official Explanation from the Situation Blog:

At 10:25 of the second period in the Avalanche/Blues game, video review supported the referee's call on the ice that the puck kicked by Colorado's Nick Holden made contact with Steve Ott's stick before crossing the St. Louis goal line. According to Rule 49.2, "A kicked puck that deflects off the stick of any player (excluding the goalkeeper's stick) shall be ruled a good goal." Good goal Colorado.

This is Bullshit

06. Sometime after the Third Colorado Goal Patrick Bordeleau leaped and directed his shoulder into Kevin Shattenkirk Face, resulting in a lot of blood gushing from Shatty's lip. No Call.

Fuck Everything

05. Needless to Say the Blues disliked the hit and decided to fuck shit up as the Third Period rolled around and they were down 3-0.

Let's Go Apeshit

04. Steve Ott REALLY did not like Patrick Bordeleau and unleashed his inner Santana Lopez.

Cut A Bitch

03. The Officials were not a pleasant help to the game.

Dissatisfy me

02. The Aves got a power play goal at 15:55 after Brendon Morrow went off the ice with a game misconduct and 5 minute major for a slash that wasn't nearly as bad as the hit on Shattenkirk.

Crush that can

01. The Game was crap... The Blues Need scoring and should have fixed that instead of the goaltending "Situation" but Whatever those are my two cents. Bring on the next one.