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Sunday Brunch: Are You SURE I'm Not Allowed To Swear in the Headline?

The less said about yesterday, the better - which is good, because I didn't catch enough of yesterday's game to have anything to say.

Jonathan Daniel

I was pretty damn busy at work yesterday, but I had the game on the TV in the background. I won't say anything one way or the other since I didn't see nearly enough to comment on either our play or any of the...questionable altercations. In any case, it sounded like the less said about yesterday, the better.

Oh, and just by the way, we play the Blackhawks in Chicago on NBC actual in a few hours. Let's make this quick, shall we?

  • The Blues weren't happy yesterday. [SLGT]
  • The Avalanche were. [Mile High Hockey]
  • ...except for Patrick Roy, who can go eat an extra large super sized bag'o'dicks. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • An 11:30 am central puck drop today against the Fuckhawks. It's hard to call any regular season game for the Blues at this point a "must win," but holy shit do we need to beat a Fuckhawks team without Captain Serious & Lady Choker. Get. That. Shit. DONE. [The Committed Indian]
  • Who else won yesterday? [ 4/5]
  • Who else plays today? [ 4/6]
  • The Blues are in Chicagoland today, and you know what the most famous part of Chicagoland is (other than Chicago)? Shermer, Illinois - a.k.a. the filming location for pretty much every single '80s movie worth a damn* thanks to famous director John Hughes. Here are all of the famous locales. Sticktap to CCR. [Brian]
  • *With the obvious exception of Ghostbusters.

We need to get hyped the fuck up - so I brought in just the person to do it!

And lest you forgot, Game of Thrones returns tonight, bringing an end to Westeros Weekend. But what if your cup of tea is less medieval literal throat-slashing & back-stabbing, and more modern day political figurative throat-slashing & back-stabbing? Then I have just the thing to bridge that gap. (Possible mild spoilers for both GoT as well as season 2 of House of Cards.)

Tomorrow is Monday. For a lot of you that sucks, but Mondays are my usual day off of work. I could use a day off. (Technically, I'm off today, but if we can't beat the Fuckhawks and Everton can't beat Arsenal that's almost more strenuous work for me than I do at actual work).

...I was going somewhere with that...oh yeah, send your shit to Donut King.

Score some goddamn goals. Or at least allow fewer goals than you score. Or whatever...just get two fucking points.