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Recap: Blues Fall to Hawks 4-2

This morning the Blues took on the Chicago Blackhawks. It was the final match up between the St. Louis team and the Chicago team in the regular season. It was a rough 4-2 loss. Its Recap Time!

Jonathan Daniel

First Period

This morning the Blues took on the Chicago Blackhawks. It was the final match up between the St. Louis team and the Chicago team in the regular season. The Blues came out of the gate ready to make an impression, specifically after the horrible game 24 hours ago. After a small stumble, Andrew Shaw cross checked Carlo Colaiacovo heading off the the ice causing a power play for the Blue and Yellow, at 1:45. He was not a happy camper in the Box AT ALL. As the Power Play started Vladimir Sobotka would win the face off getting control of the puck for the Blues. Jaden Schwartz would get his own rebound, allowing him to put a tally on the board. 1-0 Blues at 1:57.

The First period was a rough and tumble mix of testosterone and grit. The refs seemed to be anticipating a rough game and were paying close attention to the "behind the scenes" play, calling a slashing on Ryan Reeves at 3:11. The Blues would take care of the penalty kill easily and move on to full strength play. According to the information provided by NBCSN, during the first TV break the refs talked to Andrew Shaw and David Backes, basically telling them no more shit after the whistle and behind the play. To Quote my Boyfriend; "It seemed like the parents didn’t get their coffee and are upset this morning." The Game would progress still with an edge of grit. At the 7 minute mark, Brian Elliott would make an amazing set of saves denying the Blackhawks the equalizer. However, at 10:15 things got chippy after another save by Moose. A Scrum would ensue leaving Backes hanging onto the crossbar for dear life and a penalty along with it. The second penalty kill for the blue and yellow would again be a strong performance again from the penalty kill unit. Patrik Berglund would get a nice shorthanded chance as he would steal the puck from Patrick Sharp and have a nice break away chance, but would fail to get the puck in the net. The blue and yellow would make easy work of their second kill. The Hawks sustained some serious pressure despite Backes’s 271st hit on the year leaving the blues struggling yet again to regain control in typical fashion. At 17:49, Sharp would be awarded a 2 minute minor for tripping up Steve Ott. St. Louis Power Play Round 2. The Blues would fail to sustain much pressure during this power play and would give up a bad turn over to Marrian Hossa. Hossa would speed past everyone to take a shorthanded shot, making a great chance which was quickly denied by elliott’s quick moose-like reflexes. At 19:52 the Blackhawks would get another shorthanded attempt from Marcus Kruger. Colaiacovo would hook Kruger and would cause another Blues penalty kill which would carry over into the second period. The Blues and Hawks would go to the locker room with the score 1 Blues and 0 Hawks.

Shots on goal:

Blues 3 Hawks 11

Second Period

Second period gets under way with 1:50 left in the, as Sam puts it, "power kill" to start of the period. With 39 seconds left in the penalty kill Brent Seabrook would get called on an interference, they would go on a 4 on 4. The Blues would transition into the power play but weren’t able to get any chances despite a strange bounce off the glass to the front of the net. Shortly after the power play Oshie would take the puck up the ice with a slight break away and get his best chance for the Blues since the first. At 8:36, after Saving shots 15, 16, and 17, elliot mistakenly thought he had a puck covered, but it would be found in the back of the net. At 8:40 right off the face-off the mits would be tossed and a fight between Reeves and Brandon Bollig broke out. Uppercuts, headshots, and helmets flying, ending in a resounding "Woooo" from Reever. The Last 10 minutes of the period would see both teams exchange some good scoring chances, but the Blues would further lose control of the game as the the last few minutes of the second ticked by. A defensive breakdown for the Blues would lead to a two on one, allowing sharp to easily put the puck in the back of the net, at 19:33.

Shots on Goal:

Blues 11 Hawks 23

Third Period

As the third period got under way the Blues looked defeated and flat out tired. The second ended with a goal in the last 30 seconds and the Third would begin with one at :56. Marcus Kruger would get a goal by taking advantage of a double post shot that bounces off of back of ells to the open side of the net. Blues were down 3 - 1. At 2:05 Roman Polak would hit the puck out over the glass getting a delay of game penalty. The Blues would manage to kill it off. Gameplay wasn’t spectacular for the blues until it reached the last six minutes. We made some chances for ourselves but Corey Crawford kept denying each shot. Shortly after, Joakim Nordstrom would take advantage of a break away and would try to force it past Moose before getting steamrolled from behind by T.J. Oshie.

With two minutes left, Hitch would pull Elliot right as Sobe took a shot putting it right past crawford. 2-3. Ells would be pulled again as soon as the Blues regained a face-off due to icing. With 6 attackers, the Blues were able to maintain control. But in a last second, Alexander Pietrangelo breaks his stick on a snapshot leaving him the lone defender stickless and empty net against Benn Smith. 4-2 Hawks.

Shots on Goal

Blues 23 Hawks 35.

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