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Scottrade Center Answers Prayers, Gets Actual Cell Phone Signal Inside

Verizon Wireless is bringing WiFi to Blues games so now you can tweet all about how random the lines are on any given evening.

Jeff Curry

It's long been a complaint of Blues fans that Scottrade Arena is a black hole of telecommunications. People have had to carry mobile wifi hotspots inside, wander about with their phones held aloft, go outside to the smoking areas, and generally have been under a veil of silence while at games.

This lack of connectivity isn't good, and not just because it upsets fans. It also means fewer social media posts, which means less brand engagement on Twitter and Facebook. Even if it's fans complaining about line combos or tweeting Vines of brawls with the Avs, that's exposure for the Blues.

This post-season the Blues are fixing this problem. They'll have Scottrade wired with a Verizon Wireless wifi network via a distributed antenna system. This will ensure that Verizon customers will have access to LTE speeds. T-Mobile customers already have solid reception inside the arena. If you're an AT&T customer, well, for right now you might as well pick up smoking because you'll be out in the smoking area a lot.

A dedicated wifi network for fans like many stadiums and arenas have would be the best thing that the arena could do, but this is a step in the right direction.