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Recap: Blues Fail to Capture Win Against Caps

The St. Louis Blues took on the Washington Capitals tonight in the hops of catching up to the Bruins in the race for the Presidents Trophy. Needless to say it did not go well for the Blue and Yellow, falling 4-1 to the Caps. Its Recap Time!

I will stop all your goals with the power of my mind!
I will stop all your goals with the power of my mind!
Bruce Bennett

Game Recap

Tonight the St. Louis Blues were not so good. Like black plague not so good. They had their moments of clarity, but their downfall was set in motion half way into the second period. The team just seemed to fall apart after Washington’s second goal. The third was a kick in the stomach. There were three unanswered goals tonight ant it was disheartening to see the 4th line was the only group working with chemistry and what we all would like to see from the team. Another 4-1 Loss in the books. It was frustrating to watch and its even more frustrating to recap so I asked around and got together a collection of gifs and observations to go along with your beverage of choice. Still not panicking guys. The Playoffs… they "do things"

Blues Only Goal

Maxim Lapierre from Steve Ott and Ryan Reaves at 2:39 of the second period

The First Period started out hopeful but everything changed when the Capitals scored first at 17:54 on the Power Play.

Catbox Fail

It was like the fucking Fire Nation all over again! Thanks Obama.

The Blues were down but not out. The put pressure but constantly went high and wide.


It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore 2013-2014 Blues!

It started to feel like we needed to watch Derek Roy again because DAMN he’s become the new face of the Bad Offensive Zone Penalty.

Frustrated Potter

Roy took a hooking penalty at 16:23 of the First giving the Caps the power play they ultimately scored on.

Max Lapierre would score to kick off the first 5 mins of the second period but it would be all for naught.

Meh Whatever

I am happy and sad we are getting at least one point out of this new 4th line since no one else can seem to score.

This happened

Oh no

He wrecked himself before he checked himself.

After the third Washington goal many started questioning the possibility of demons possessing Ryan Miller.

Sam and Dean

Someone call the Winchesters STAT!

Then the Fourth Caps goal went in the net.

Sideshow Bob With Rakes


High and Wide started to sound the same as every time your parents told you they were disappointed in you.

Sad Stichy

It was just awful. EVERY time!

The fanbase collectively started to freak the fuck out.


Chaos and panic was everywhere!

Fans started to boo as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

Crazy Pills

I am sorry but there is no reason for you to BOO this team. It was the first time all SEASON they have had three consecutive losses. Calm Down.

Final Thoughts

I leave you with this from my boyfriend Sam:

It seems to me that the  Blues have become the hockey equivalent of the average American male. Able to score every once in a while, but not enough stamina to play a full 60. They need to find their purple pill before the playoffs, otherwise its not looking like a fun time.